The Proof is in the Pudding

The Testimonials

They say that the proof is in the pudding. Here are some of the testimonials from parents whose children have attended Mathus Academy classes.

Indra Raman
Austin TX

“We wanted a structured program for our daughter's spelling journey, and we are so blessed to have found Mathus Academy program. First of all, I have to start off by congratulating Ram for putting together the SpellGenius program, which meets the specific needs of serious parents who want to help their children reach their highest potential.

Ram is always on the quest to continually improve the quality of every aspect of the program. He definitely listens, and absorbs the feedback in a constructive manner, making SpellGenius just not another me-too program for sure. It is the combination that impresses me. The intensity and quality of the curriculum, combined with the customizable and individual attention to ensure absorption for each kid.

We are thoroughly impressed by the quality of SpellGenius coaches - their Scripps National Spelling toppers credentials speak for themselves. But for me, the surprising factor so far has been the values my daughter has picked up from her mentor. As a parent, it is never the goal for a child to just master spellings of words. I did not expect my daughter, being in just second grade, to so quickly observe the values emanated by her coach. The coach is thorough, hard-working, passionate and kind, and my daughter wants to live up to those values.

They say in our culture it is truly god's grace to find the right teachers. Cause the skill we are practicing for is just an excuse, and teachers impart so much more by their mere presence. I am so happy that this program is so fulfilling for everyone involved, the teachers-the students-and personally for me as a parent.”

Mother of a 7th grader (HS)

"I highly recommend Mathus for SAT. My 7th grader took SAT coaching from Mathus for Duke TIP and we are happy with his SAT score. Mathus has structured curriculum and the teachers are very knowledgeable and helpful. Each topic has quiz and with each question reviewed in detail at the beginning of the next class, my kids teacher also kept the sessions very interactive, giving enough time for kids to grasp the concept, explaining in detail. I would highly recommend Mathus for the SAT."

Kannan Rajappa
Marietta GA

"My Son attended Honors Geometry online class last summer at Mathus Academy. The instructor was very diligent in helping him grasp fast-paced curriculum by providing informative tips & kept it very interesting. Although the instructor was teaching from India, he was easily reachable via email & zoom even during weekends and provided solutions to any questions asked patiently.

My son now enjoys attending his SAT classes and we are fortunate to have Mathus Academy in Marietta area now. I strongly recommend Mathus Academy to everyone, for their kid’s bright future.”

Chandana & Vasu Lakkimsetty
Tulsa OK

“We are highly impressed with Mathus Academy. We frantically tried several tutoring centers in the past for Sai until we found Mathus Academy. Right from day one, everything about Mathus Academy's classes has been spot-on. Sai had very individualized attention from the instructors, could contact the instructors any time and get immediate help with his Math and Spelling preparation. We are witnessing exponential improvement in Sai's proficiency in Spelling and Math since Mathus Academy. The MathGenius and SpellGenius instructors are awesome. They are very dedicated and sincerely work for your child's success. SpellGenius instructor has coached Sai the right technique to master spelling which has immensely boosted his confidence at our Regionals. We were so delighted that Sai has won his first trip to Scripps National Spelling bee this year with the help and support of his spelling instructor. Mr. Ram Yeleti of Mathus Academy goes above and beyond to ensure high quality instruction for the students. We plan to enroll Sai for their other classes at Mathus Academy as well in future. As parents, we are so blessed to have found an institution which cares more for our kid's learning and success than we do.”

Pradeep Thirumalai
Marietta GA

“My kids – rising 7th and 5th graders – have been part of Mathus academy classes for the past 3 years. Simply put, this is the best investment of time and money. I am personally wary of putting kids through meticulous programs that burns them out and during the process make them feel Math as boring or tiring. But when I tried MathGenius at Mathus Academy, I could see my kids get very excited about the different challenging problems that they get to solve. The teachers are very engaging and helpful with a fantastic peer group. I strongly recommend Mathus Academy for your kids, as it enables the critical thinking of the student.”

Cumming GA.

“Initially, I was very skeptic when I enrolled my daughter in Mathus Academy five years back(some time in 2012). She was in the fourth grade then. I always felt that most of these institutes (eg., Kumon) “mass” produced “robots” . Every kid is different. Their learning styles and approach is different. Some learn quick. Some are slow. It is my personal opinion that “one size will not fit all”. There may be a slight exception here or there, but by far, these institutes throw a bunch of DIY books to the kids and challenge them to solve them. If the kids excel, they are given more complex books. But what about the kid that was left behind? If we do not groom that kid, he will fall behind, eventually lose interest and quit. Education cannot be a rat race. It has to be a journey which the kid needs to enjoy. From that perspective, I am very happy to note that Mathus Academy has grown leaps and bounds, mostly by the word of mouth to a reputable institute. I am hearing a lot of good things from my friends in Columbus, GA who probably are your online students. It all proves the time, dedication and the hard work you and your team have put in. I haven’t come across a kid who is a “drop out” from Mathus Academy for intellectual reasons, which reinforces my belief that you are paying attention to each kid and adjust the pace so that he can grasp the concept and run with it. My daughter enjoys your class. My wife is planning to enroll our son as well. I am no longer a skeptic, not because my daughter won the best student award in Math in her 7th grade (given by her Math teacher). It is because she cannot wait to attend your next class. She enjoys the subject. And that’s a tremendous achievement by you and your team.”

Darien, CT

"My daughter attended AP Calculus online class at Mathus Academy. The instructor has been very diligent in helping my daughter grasp and internalize the complex Calculus derivations. The focus was geared towards understanding the concepts, after which it made the practice seem easy. The instructor had both breadth and depth of knowledge which was very helpful to my daughter in getting a depth of understanding. Consequently, my daughter got 5 out 5 in the AP Calculus exam. I will recommend Mathus Academy classes for all advanced Math and Science courses. The AP level courses are challenging for high schoolers and Mathus Academy instructors help in maintaining the interest level of the kids, so that they practice several times to get a good score. I am looking forward to signing up my daughter for a few more courses for the upcoming senior year."

Prasanna Madhira
Long Island NY

"My daughter is enrolled in online English and Neurosciences classes and she is really enjoying them!! I highly recommend Mathus Academy as a learning center where you can achieve desired goals for your kids!! It even gives an opportunity to learn the missed classes through video recordings (or watch again for reinforcement). The teachers at Mathus Academy are fabulous."

Shalini Lynch
Sacramento CA

"My daughter is enrolled in SpellGenius and is really enjoying it. The classes are challenging and she feels she is getting excellent preparation for upcoming competitions. She enjoys the group format, as the kids learn from each other and it is a nice break from and complement to studying alone. Kudos to Mathus Academy for developing the SpellGenius program!"

Vasudha V
Johns Creek GA

“My son Varun started going to Mathus Academy since he was in 7th grade. He initially joined MathGenius and Duke Tip SAT classes and later continued with SAT classes during his High school. In addition to learning from the class, he could ask questions and discuss with instructor if he needed assistance without worrying. The classes enabled him to perform well in Math competitions in addition to helping him do very well on the SAT. He scored 1580 out of 1600 in SAT with a perfect score of 800 in the Math section. Also the MathGenius and Common Core tests that Mathus acadamy conducts every year helped both my son and daughter. The tests helped us measure where my kids stood in Math.”

KT (mom)
Toledo OH

“Our 10 year old son attended the Mathus Academy summer camp in Public Speaking and STEM. We were visiting family in Atlanta and wanted to the camp a try. My son was excited to go back to the class every day, as he learnt something new everyday. Public speaking session was incredibly organized and well taught. STEM program had lots of hands on experience that reinforced laws of motion, and other physical science and Math principles. The coaches were superb. The whole program was well put together and worth our time and money.”

Mrs. Komal Rastogi

“My son attended the online Math Genius classes by Mathus Academy. I found the classes to be very beneficial for him. The teacher was always very encouraging and supportive. She took time to answer any questions that the students had. After attending these classes, my son started looking at the math problems as fun and exciting. I am very happy as I found my child to be very motivated because of the wonderful environment provided by the academy. Math classes and other activities conducted by the academy, for example the online tests etc. are very helpful tools, and my family loves those. Great job by Mr. Ram Yeleti and team.”

Geetha Aparna Turaga
Liburn GA.

“My Son Akhil, a rising 8th grader, has been going to Mathus Academy since 3 years. The incredible training provided by Mathus Academy has helped Akhil get excellent conceptual understanding and maintain very high scores in his Accelerated Math Program at school. The remarkable teachers at Mathus Academy helps kids understand the concept and logic behind the problems. My special thanks to Mr.Ram Yeleti, a very kind-hearted person for guiding Akhil at each and every step. I strongly recommend Mathus Academy to everyone, for their kid’s bright future.”

Maanas P

“320 points. That is the improvement of my SAT scores before and after I attended Mathus Academy. I have been with Mathus Academy since the very beginning, when it was originally held in an empty room at the founder’s house where the students sat on a carpeted floor. I thoroughly remember how the class, informal as it was, felt more like a learning environment than an actual math class. Even after upgrading to a classroom setting, it’s astounding how Mathus Academy retains that same feeling of an amicable, informal environment where everyone comes to learn and grow. This feeling, coupled with effective teaching and interesting problems, really bolsters everyone’s learning and enthusiasm, and is the reason that I regard Mathus Academy as the best.”


“Mathus Academy makes problem solving seem easy and fun for kids. The curriculum is well thought out and systematic. It really moves beyond other available programs and methods. Even at Level I, the curriculum incorporates complex and advanced concepts in a deceptively simple way. It is at the right pace and does not to make it too easy or too challenging. I am glad my son signed up for this program. This will provide a strong foundation irrespective of math competition results!”