MathGenius Critical Thinking National Contest
& MathCore Common Core Prep Test

Online tests: Mar 22 to Mar 29

Introducing Cash prizes for MathGenius Contest


What are Mathus Academy's Annual Tests?+
How do I register my child for the tests?+
What are the fee for the tests? +
What are the cash prizes for MathGenius Contest?+
What is honor code?+
What is the format of the tests? How many questions will be there in each test?+
How can my child prepare for the tests?+
When can my child take the tests? And how long are the tests?+
What precautions should I take before my child takes the test?+
Where should my child enter her responses?+
Are Calculators allowed in the test?+
When and where would my child's grade (score) be available?+
What is ResponseSheet and how will I get access to it?+